Date : 27th Jan, 2020

Proposal for 2358 Store, Agra

Features & Services:

Web Design  & Development

Website design with products showcase and built in code to convert the site to accept payments in future. This will also include web hosting charges for one year, maintenance changes ( This covers taking regular site backups, doing monthly security audits, bug fixes, minor feature enhancements, content updation & updating content on all social sites. Only new major feature addition should be paid extra). Hosting will include 2GB of space ( can be adjusted up to 5Gb without any extra cost if need arises). Hosting will also include 2 Email Ids on company domain.

Facebook & Instagram Paid Marketing

This will be done in various stages:

  1. First 6 months, only display ads should be shown to all users within our target audience ( that is 14-35 Year age group and within 40 KMs of our business location). As per latest data from FB, we can have around 2.5k to 6.5K impressions per day and current pricing is going around Rs 20 per 1000 Impressions,which leads to around 50-150 Rs per day to cover entire audience, so this campaign should cost around 4000 Per month.
  2. With this campaign we will make and maintain one FB group to increase customer loyality.
  3. Once we have sufficient users visiting our page using the first campaign to target more likes, shares and page engagements, price quote for that can be calculated dependent on where the page is standing after 6 months.

Social Media Give Away Campaigns

We can host a give away campaign every quarter to create more awareness and user interactions, this can include upto 1000 Rs of gift items and additional 2000 Rs for extra campaign for 15 Days, which comes up to 3000 Rs per quarter, that is 1000 Rs per month on an average.

Content Marketing / Blog Posts

Various relevant articles showcasing the usage of our products, this will enhance the interaction and awareness. Ideally we should post one article per week, that will cost Rs 1500 per article, this costs around 6000 Per month in total. These posts will focus on trending content mixed up with our products.

Influencer Marketing

We can make one influencer post each week, client can directly negotiate the price with influencer, we will just provide the influencer suggestion.


We can publish one infographic each month to gets customer excited and more involved on social media. It will cost Rs 1500 per graphic.

Summarized Price Quote

Website Design & Development ( with 2 GB hosting, 2 Emails, Unlimited Pages, 1 year Maintenance & Social Profile Maintenance)


Facebook Display ads targetting around 2.5k-6.5k Users for 6 Months ( charged at the rate of 4000 per month)


Consulting Fee for FB campaigns ( Charged at the rate of 20% of total campaign budget)


1 Detailed Article Per Week for Content Marketing ( Total 4 articles per month)


1 Infographic each month


Website Renewal W/Out Maintenance


To Summarize, it will cost one time fee of Rs 10000 (For Website) and a Monthly total of around Rs 12300 per month ( for all above services) For social media marketing and brand awareness campaigns.

* All prices are exclusive of GST.